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Climate Change Awareness Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Climate change awareness survey questions is a questionnaire to understand public perception about climate change and to identify key factors, challenges, and barriers to environmental and climate-conscious behavior. It will also shed some light on the possible causes of weather change and the factors that influence the same. Such a sample survey template will be helpful to understand how well the audience is aware of the topic ‘Climate change’ or as some call it ‘Global warming’. In many democratic countries, the way in which many policies are formed has some dependence on public opinion, hence understanding audience opinions is critically important, which can help in formulating future environment policies as well as to help promote a better environment.

In the current scenario, climate change is perceived as the most serious danger facing the society, while poverty presents to be the second biggest threat. Climate change is a change in average weather conditions. This can be extreme weather or disasters, temperature rise, etc. During a recent study, a poll was taken to understand climate change awareness. Through this study, it was seen that over 40% of the population around the world have never heard about climate change, and this percentage is even more in developing countries. However, climate change awareness is decreasing over the last few years in some countries. It's not because people are not concerned anymore, it's just that there have been some other topics which have become more important.

The United States is a very good example. According to recent studies, there were only 41% of Americans think that people are being harmed by climate change today. New issues like the global financial crisis, terrorism, growing unemployment rates, new energy policy of the government have taken the pedestal. Because of such reasons, sometimes climate change is left unattended by many.

Following is the questionnaire on climate change and the factors that influence climate-conscious behavior.

Considering your knowledge about the risks associated with climate change, how likely are you to recommend a friend or a colleague to promote activities that will help reduce global warming or to live a clean and green life?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please state your level of agreement for the following statements regarding global warming/climate change.
Completely Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Somewhat Agree
Completely Agree
It poses a serious threat for people around the world.
It poses a serious threat to you and your family.
It is caused by human activities.
Problems and its impact are underestimated in the news.
Climate change is happening right now.
I am ready to reduce my energy usage to tackle climate change
You completely understand what climate change means.
The global temperatures have changed compared to the previous decade.
On a scale of 1 to 10 please rate, how much do you think climate change threatens your personal health and safety?
On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate, which issues are of more concern in your opinion?
Climate change/global warming
Infectious diseases
Economic situation
In your opinion, do you think the temperature on earth has been rising over the past decade?
Are you aware of the global policies or initiatives taken by various organizations to reduce climate change/global warming?
Are you aware about the environmental policies in your country?
How would you describe your knowledge about the following and its effects?
Very broad
Quite broad
Moderately broad
Slightly broad
Not broad
Don't know at all
Greenhouse gases
Currents in the sea/ocean
Melting of ice or volcanic eruptions
El Niño
Overall, climate change
How much do you think the following has contributed to global climate change?
Don't know
Greenhouse gases
Land use and land cover
Melting of Ice or volcanic eruptions
El Niño or irregular warming of surface water
In your opinion, how important do you think the following issues are on a global scale?
Very Important
Fairly Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important
Air pollution
Pollution of rivers and seas
Poor waste management (e.g. overuse of landfills)
Traffic/ congestion
Temperature rise or drop
The hole in the ozone layer
Using up the earth's resources
Extinction of species
Very Important
Fairly Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important
Radioactive waste
On which of the following platforms, have you heard about Climate change?
What is the level of trust on information about climate change, if you were to receive it from the following?
A lot
A little
Not very much
Not at all
Family members
Government bodies
Energy suppliers
Environmental organizations
Media (TV, radio, newspaper, etc)
Please rank as per who do you think should have the main responsibility to tackle climate change?
Drag your choices here to rank them
    • Local government
    • The country’s government
    • Individuals
    • Environmental organizations like Worldwide fund for nature
    • Businesses and industries
    • International organizations like the UN
    Please state your level of agreement or disagreement for the following statements about climate change?
    Completely Disagree
    Somewhat Disagree
    Somewhat Agree
    Completely Agree
    Each one of us can reduce the effects of climate change
    It should be mandatory to reduce energy usage if it reduces climate change
    Climate change is bound to happen because of the current modern society
    Climate change is a natural phenomenon, we can't do anything about it
    The government should increase the incentives for people who try to reduce climate change
    I will promote a greener environment and participate in initiatives to reduce climate change
    Climate change is only because of the pollution from industries
    Recent global disasters are because of climate change
    The climate change topic is exaggerated by the media,in fact it is not that big of a deal
    There are more important matters than climate change
    Completely Disagree
    Somewhat Disagree
    Somewhat Agree
    Completely Agree
    Cutting down trees to build infrastructure is not a bad thing
    What is the reason because of which you would do the following activities?
    To create a good image
    To save money
    Walk or cycle to work
    Use less electricity
    Use public transport
    Buy more energy efficient devices
    Buy organic food
    Recycle waste
    Participate in environmental campaigns
    Plant more trees
    Do you think the following entities are taking initiatives to reduce climate change?
    To Some extent
    Corporation and industries
    Citizens themselves
    National government
    Regional government
    Environmental groups
    International organizations
    How old are you?
    Which country do you live in?
    What is your highest qualification?
    Which industry do you work in?
    Any Comments/Suggestions in your opinion to increase the awareness about climate change?

    Top 3 Reasons To Use These Climate Change Awareness Template

    1. Evaluate people awareness: This survey helps collect feedback and understand a population's awareness levels.

    2. Evaluate people perception:This survey helps understand how respondents perceive climate change and their level of understanding for its severity.

    3. Evaluate the population's satisfaction with countermeasures:These questions help collect information and insights into the respondent's satisfaction level with the climate control measures deployed by the local government, civic bodies, environment protection bodies, etc.